Abstract - M. Estrada

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This presentation includes an introduction containing general aspects of organic materials that allow their use in electronic devices. We review basic types of polymeric devices, such as PLEDs and PTFTs, as well as different fabrication procedures that have been used up to now. We present details of new results concerning the fabrication of top gate PTFTs with Polymethyl Metacrylathe (PMMA) as dielectric and Poly (3, hexylthiophene) (P3HT) as semiconductor, using photolithographic techniques. Photolithography was up to now not compatible with polymeric device fabrication. A study of the interface properties of this MDS structure, where a density of surface states Nss < 1.5x10^11 cm^-2 is observed are discussed, as well as the electric characteristics of the devices. We also show aspects regarding modeling of these devices. We will also show characteristics of PLEDs fabricated with copolymer (BEHP - PPV) - co - (MEH - PPV), which present some advantages with respect to previous one, as for example, (MEH - PPV). Finally we will talk on some applications of these devices and future trends.